A month without Nutella – a memoir. 

Not so long ago, I developed an unhealthy relationship with Nutella. We got together every night. Sometimes we’d have a threesome and invite wine along. Sometimes strawberries, but more often than not it was just the two of us. I had grand plans for baking amazing creations with the key ingredient being Nutella, but then would open up a fresh, new jar, get distracted and just sit on the lounge eating it straight from the source. My very own version of Netflix and chill. 

Nutella was something I was not allowed to eat when I was growing up. No idea why…mum? So I never actually got into Nutella until my second pregnancy. But where had it been my whole life? Those Italians. They’re just brilliant. 

I had recently lost 11kg. The Nutella relationship had taken a backseat to my new found love of eating food that didn’t make me fat (lettuce). But then Christmas happened and I became…relaxed. And Nutella and I, well the attraction was undeniable and we had picked up where we had left off. 

One day lettuce said to me “but you want to lose another 10kg don’t you? Do you think this is the best way to go about it?” I knew lettuce was right. We had to break up…again. So I made a commitment. No Nutella for one month. Cold turkey. Not even a taste on a spoon. No Nutella. For one month. My greatest challenge. 

Day one started off well. “I’ve totally got this.” I thought, smugly. “How easy is life without Nutella. I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to break up with it.” 

But by day four my head was screaming “you stupid stupid person. What were you thinking? Is this what you really want? If you died tomorrow would you want your headstone to read ‘here lies Sarah. She didn’t eat Nutella today’. Is THAT your legacy?!” 

Days turned into weeks. Weeks into…more weeks. My greatest challenge was Wednesday’s which is traditionally our strawberries and Nutella night. My children weren’t supportive of me giving up the Nutella and would not join me on my journey of self discovery. So scooping out their teaspoon of Nutella and dolloping it on their plates, and not licking the excess off the spoon…broke me every time. 

But, as with all lifestyle changes, things did get easier towards the end. I found myself thinking of Nutella less and less, and when my children stressed me out, I didn’t immediately think of hiding in the pantry with a spoon and a fresh jar. 

Finally the first day of the next month arrived. And I didn’t eat Nutella. Actually a full week passed before I got back into it. And I was okay with that. 

So what did I learn on this journey? I discovered that I have actual willpower. Who knew? I found out that my children don’t always support me in my decisions. And I was reminded of the difference between a want and a need. 

But overall, I discovered that while I can live without Nutella, a life with no Nutella is no life for me. #nutellabitchforlife 


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