Soup’d up! My week on the ‘soup diet’.

I did it, I caved and decided to do the soup diet. For those of you who don’t know, which I guess would be most of you, in September 2015 I started a weight loss program. The program I used was Michelle Bridges 12WBT and one day I will give you my thoughts on her program, but not today. But in saying that I lost 18 and a bit kg’s on the program and really improved my overall health and fitness. But recently I’ve caved to life’s temptations and I have started packing on those winter kilo’s. Not enough that you’d look at me and think “geez, she’s gained weight” (I don’t think anyway) but enough that I’ve noticed a bit of extra pudge. I feel like I’ve been trying to get rid of the pudge for months but I continuously cave into Friday night chocolate (slash every night I eat a block of chocolate). So I decided to take some drastic measures. So let’s dive in to my day by day blow of how I survived this week.

Day one:

8am: Today I get to eat fruit and the soup but no bananas which sucks because bananas are life. I have not actually made the soup yet so I guess I should go to the shops and buy the soup ingredients. Most of which I have at home already, but I need a capsicum. And my online sources tell me that melons are the best fruits for this diet so I am going to go and get myself a watermelon.

12pm: Finally, I am ready to make the soup. I have eaten nearly an entire watermelon and I am starving. I have let my 2 year old season the soup with a variety of herbs and what seems like a kilo of pepper, so I hope it tastes ok. Not sure why I entrusted her with the flavouring of my staple meal for the week but anyway, it’s done now.

1pm: I ate the soup. It wasn’t disgusting, just a vegetable soup and I’m glad I went and bought the capsicum because it was quite nice in there. The 2 year old did a bang up job of the seasoning so that was pleasant. A full week of soup though…it’s going to be a challenge!

6pm: I had soup for dinner, it was soup again. Not exciting but I got on pinterest and I found this wonderful baked cinnamon apples so I ate them for my after dinner treat. I usually have a nice cup of tea with milk and honey after dinner but I am giving that up for the week. I miss my tea.

Day two: 8am: Today I am allowed to eat vegetables and the soup. I am not a plain vegetable kind of snacker, I like to mix it up a bit with dips and whatever so today is going to be tough. I ate an orange and date muffin for breakfast because I am not creative enough to come up with a vegetable breakfast option and it was made from one of those health food websites so I figured it was okay. I also have a stash of them in the freezer and I don’t particularly like them so I figured it fit in well for this week’s theme.

12pm: Faaaark! OK I am not going to lie, this weekend just past I binged. I binged hard. I have a weakness when it comes to kids birthday parties and I just went for it at my nephew’s first birthday. And I am coming down. Hard. My head is going to explode, it wants kids birthday party foods. It wants mini sausage rolls and cupcakes and fairy bread. I am trying to ward the headache off by drowning it in water but it doesn’t care. I wish I could take a nap but I am responsible for three small humans and they will not allow that. I ate the soup for lunch, I hate the soup already. Who can live like this?!!?

6pm: I had some carrot sticks for afternoon tea and I added a touch of peanut butter/ate peanut butter out of the jar with the carrot sticks. I am doubting my ability to do this for a full week! But the scales kept me motivated. Tonight I can have a baked potato with butter for dinner. It might save me.

Day three: 8am: Today I am allowed to eat fruit and veggies and the soup. So I had a fruit salad for breakfast. My headache is not here…but whenever I am coming off a hard binge I usually get that two or three day headache so I am expecting it soon.

12pm: Headache is in full swing. I am once again trying to drown it in water. I am happy with my water intake the past few days. That is my only happiness at the moment. This is what my life has become, my only source of happiness is the amount of water I have consumed. I think I might be malnourished, the children keep talking to me and asking me questions and I’m all…huh? I hear your words, but they mean nothing. Life is a blur. What’s the point?

6pm: Headache has subsided and I am feeling a bit better. I did some pilates and went for a walk and while there was no potato tonight I can eat the apples again! Woohoo! My body is craving a banana though and tomorrow is banana day so yay!

Day four: Milk and banana day! Woohoo, I can eat three bananas and drink lots of milk. Personally I am not a huge milk drinker, I made a banana smoothie with almond milk this morning and it was amazing. Otherwise I ate soup and ate bananas. God I missed bananas. The headache has left the building and I am actually feeling pretty good. The water intake has still been good and I feel good. Feel like I’ve had a flush. I still hate the soup, but hey I’m still eating it. Three days to go!!

Day five: It is going to be a tough day, I have another birthday party to go to, and it is at my Chilean grandparents places which means….food…so much food. Deep fried starchy carb loaded beautiful food. I would like to say I am going to be strong…but I’m a realist.

7pm: OK I wasn’t too bad. I ate meat (I’m Chilean, so meat is life) and I had a little bit of fried rice. But I also ate cake and three mini snickers bars. Back to it tomorrow!!

Day six: I am feeling the effects of my bad food yesterday. Why does good food make me feel so bad?? Day six is beef and veg. But I’m not a huge steak eater…so I made a spaghetti bolognese sauce…and just ate that for dinner. That’s literally how desperate I am…Figured it ticked all the boxes and yum! Who needs pasta (Ok I am crying while I am writing this…spag bol without the spag bol is just bol. And Bol misses it’s spag. This is the worst week of my life. Worse than that time when Georgia Love dumped Matty).

Day seven: LAST DAY!!!!! I can have brown rice, fruit juice and veggies. But to be honest I am so weak from the lack of food that I couldn’t be bothered making any rice and I am a juice addict so I don’t keep it in the house. So I will eat the fruit, and have the soup and hope that the day flies by. I am a little nervous about my weigh in tomorrow but fingers crossed I haven’t done all of this for nothing!

Day eight weigh in: Minus 2.8kg. So my goal was 3kg so I am not completely disappointed, and I feel pretty good in general. If nothing else I have been reminded of how much water I haven’t been  drinking so I am going to make a conscious effort to drink more water. I am pretty sure that I nearly died from malnutrition…but I think I’ll rename this soup diet as my detox week and start making it a thing. Now that I am out the other side, I can see the light!

If you want to do the soup diet…google it and find the recipe and instructions, don’t follow my instructions, this is just my experience, I am not a dietician, I just enjoy fad diets and torturing myself! If you have a fad diet you’d think I’d enjoy do let me know in the comments.

Side note: The featured image is not the soup I ate. That was a lovely pumpkin and chickpea soup. But I didn’t take a photo of my soup diet soup…so that’ll have to do!

Peace out, soup!


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